Preparing for Mysql 5.6 Developer Certification

Prepare the Learning Material

A quick review on what’s out there and what I think you should consider in order to get better prepared for 1Z1-882: MySQL 5.6 Developer. I have browsed a little for some info on this subject and because the article about zcpe was a success I considered that even though this subject does not have the same exposure it’s worth an article on the subject. However unlike preparing for zcpe there are no longer straightforward ways to prepare for Mysql Certification, most of the articles out there are about the advanced exam 1Z1-883: MySQL 5. [Read More]

Sass - css for programmers

If you like long stories you could use a read on this . If not, sass is a professional grade css extension language, so let’s get on with it. After reading about the fuss around sass the fears of switching to it may seem as ill grounded. There is no real danger in the command line or setting up a ruby environment, if you have difficulties with that go for help, me and others more experienced or more gifted are happy to help in order make a better internet. [Read More]

High profile, new kid on the block - Docker

What is docker ? You can have a pick from these definitions smarter man gave: “Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.” - “Docker is a great image distribution model for server templates built with Configuration Managers (like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, etc)” - centurylink labs Introduction To Docker from Hamilton Turner Why should I use it ? You really don’t have any reason why you shouldn’t . [Read More]

First impressions after passing zcpe

I wanted to share some of my first experiences and impressions little time after getting certified. I managed to review a lot of my past work experiences and reflect on things that I could have done better. I realized that a programmer would always think that his coding skill is better even in front of his own code after a period of time, I like to say that the time taken between realizing that your code could be rewritten to be more efficient and the time the code was written defines how quickly you can improve, therefore it defines ones potential. [Read More]

On DevTalks Bucuresti

I’ve witnessed my first dev conference on Wednesday 11th June. I was excited with some talks and I decided that it won’t hurt to pay them a small tribute. For anyone who wants to see the full agenda, I hope it will be forever available here. There were 4 tracks to assist to so I created my own program with what seemed worthy of my time. I also checked for feedback from some of my colleagues that I knew before the conference and were present, also one of my sisters were there following another track as she is only a junior programmer. [Read More]

Deciding for a dotfiles installer platform

During the week-end I’ve browsed and tried some gems found on Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby. Until finding this stream of goodness I’ve struggled with deciding which language would serve my wishes better between bash, python, php, ruby and haskell. I’ve decided to go with ruby only because I found usefull resources and examples. Bash seems like too complicated for building menu’s from scratch and using IO. Python and haskell are 2 languages in what I am not so proficient and as i have not found enought resources to go throught with one of them I left this options aside. [Read More]

Blog future under consideration

Taken that I suffer from the same “do not post until perfect” or “i don’t have time to finish my post” disease, what most of my fellow programmers with a blog seems to suffer, I’ve taken under consideration to dedicate 15 minutes every day to write something, anything on my blog. No matter what the day reserves I will dedicate 15 minutes to posting on this blog and acquiring some English skills as a side-effect . [Read More]

Creating a dotfiles installer - My ToDo List

Suggestions and improvements on current files located at 1. make installer settings optional 2. make zsh themes optional 3. Complete the script that copies necesarry files on subservers 4. Document user made functions 5. Config as beeing client make installer settings optional move from git submodules to composer(or other alternative like pip) make vim submodules selectable for install make git configuration optimal add check for installing configurations check that tech exists. [Read More]

How to prepare for Zend PHP Certification 5.5

Are you passionate about programming as I am ? Why do you use php ? is it because your work requires it or the fast paced environment really suits you ? First of all I want to be clear about my option on php, it’s not that I don’t know how to get my work done in ruby on rails or python with django, but I enjoy more that my work sees results than doing something for fun, so that I started exploiting the oportunities that came my way. [Read More]

Creating your own dotfiles - First Episode

Customizing the linux console

Choosing between bash and zsh One of these days i had some time on my hand and decided to put all my [dot]files into a git repository. I chose to do that because I wanted to be able do to things the same way in all enviroments that I’m working. So I came across these problems: Choosing between bash and zsh Private aliases and functions vs public Usefull completion files Git aliases and completion Vim config files and bundles Symfony2 Php completion I decided to split the above list into episodes, just because there was plenty of info online and thankfully i got to choosing some goods. [Read More]