Day 1 of Machine Learning in Review

First and foremost I felt I need to do this with a purpose, an end goal. I would love to be able to diagnose profanity from uploaded pictures at the end of this, but it feels somewhat limiting to start with this one so I decided to explore goals that I can set at the end of my first week into this within an industry or cause. Hopefully I will have some more clarity on how I can contribute towards bringing “The Rising Billion” (Reference from “Abundance”) closer to western living standards. [Read More]

22 Resources to study Redux Side Effects

In my learning journey, I have a habit of building a list of resources that I am about to study in order to extract something more specific into an ulterior blog article or in implementing a certain software feature. My end goal after going through the following resources is to have result in a blog post explaining what Redux Side Effects are about and how and when they can be used. [Read More]

gRPC as a better alternative to GEARMAN

Using gRPC as a replacement for GEARMAN communication between PHP and Python You might need or want to create a software architecture where everyone is welcome. If there is an open source project that solves a problem of your domain like crunching metrics or storing some metadata somewhere else like analytics, I am sure you are used to just call an API through a simple HTTP call. But when you want to deploy a service of your own, that is at the core of your domain you would definitely want to use something faster as execution, easier to maintain and simple. [Read More]

Domain Driven Design with React Native

Problem: how to guide programmers to implement domain driven design and modular architectecture Relevant technologies used: apollo client graphql react native nodejs redux As a programmer I am always inclined to prioritise technical detail and just making things work. One of the techniques to prevent building monolithic code bases closed to expansion is constant refactoring. An architecture trick I picked up from developing Domain Driven Design is to twick the questions. [Read More]

Do the AngelHack - checked

I recently got into hackathons and I feel like I can’t stop. Angelhack was the best excuse for me to leave Exeter for a week-end and join the people that accepted the AngelHack challenge in London. Just finished a day-long week-end, got some sleep. Must say it was the first time for me when I just wanted to work and not care about sleep at all, but I am strange that way. [Read More]

Course Completion - Review - Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs

My first experience in following Azat Mardan, the author of this course. I discovered him through his blog while I was looking to solve some problems, he goes through the basic stuff and gives the feeling that he can respond clean and short to questions about the material. Main takeaways: Understanding of async programming and basic understanding of web programming in nodejs Acquired knowledge of server constructs and basic modules Illustrations of some of the greatest pitfalls Pro: [Read More]

Learning new programming languages

Looking for the new hit or sticking with your known language ? is this one of the big questions you are looking to get an answer to ? First and foremost I want to begin with a saying that most programmers overlook: “A programming language is worth learning if it changes your way of thinking”. With that in mind I want to make some people question they allegiance to a certain programming language. [Read More]

Exercise your programming skills online

A quick review of websites in the nurturing your programming skills industry. I am so grateful there are so many websites where you can grow your programming skills to choose from. I have seen many employers use codility, but I am more inclined towards using hacker rank, the editor and tests from codility are so tedious and there is no transparency as to what is required from you, you really need to practice with them before, even then you might fell short, as I’ve done a few times. [Read More]

Using MariaDb FlexiViews

In the quest to filtering data I ended up looking for a tool that allows me to move a part of a query that needed too many unions in order to achieve simple things that where not thought trough from the beginning. Task at hand: make a step in moving from a faulty database design to a new organized data model don’t affect current query performance reduce the effort in building the query from backend apply conditions like using a field in a joined table for deciding the type of join the query needs keep query maintainable A database view comes usually with the disadvantage of not having indexes like a table does, it depends on the performance of the query builder and most of the time is intended at shadowing sensitive information from possible sql query vulnerabilities. [Read More]

Php resque pool

Resque is a great tool for creating background jobs, but the task of managing the queues and maintaining is not quite as straight forward. There is quite a lot of noise and a nice amount of options when it comes to translations of the resque pool to php language. Some people might wonder why would anyone translate the tool to another language. I did too, but it is real value in having the majority of tools under the same umbrella. [Read More]