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Top 39 Youtube Channels for Software Developers

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Machine Learning (Educators and Entrepreneurs)

Two Minute Papers

One of the most amazing channels out there, small and targeted, there is no better advocate for Machine Learning than Two Minute Papers.

Siraj Raval

Siraj brings a ton to the table and does his best to make learning fun, definitely my kind of fun, see for yourself.

Lex Fridman

Lex has a ton of great people relevant to Machine Learning interviewed.


Practical tutorials and introduction to Machine Learning from DeepMind.


I only looked at the AI and Machine Learning experiments here as the rest of the “Software Programming” advice seems a little misguided to me, certainly biased by his environment.

Manning Publications

Manning is one of the main sources of technical books in my library, this channel used to be rather a promotional avenue where authors got to promote their books while recently they got some hour long videos of unique content related to some books that I found to be fascinating. They also have a presence on twitch.

I only had a couple of views:

DevOps Heavy

VMware Cloud Native Apps

This channel has developed substantially over the past year, in particular what draws my interest are the Heptio team's k8s related explorations. The way they explore and expose different tools around k8s ecosystem is extremely easy to follow. Most of the time I put one of their exploratory videos and get on with my predefined tasks for the day. There are several other video types on this channel which would be helpful depending on your journey.

The format and the resources shared are highly valuable, I recommend using these videos as a benchmark for software development courses.

Here are a few of my favourite videos:

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation channel is so awesome for the open source communities around the world, I am not even sure where to start. There are past conferences to be explored in their own playlists/sections, Linus Torvalds one of my personal favourite people of all time is featured in multiple instances while clearly involved and followed at conferences, while fresh content from conferences around the world is constantly added, definitely an active channel in 2020.



The channel serves as an archive for the conferences with the same name, they happen across the Europe and North America focusing on serverless use cases.

An example:

FooBar Serverless

FooBar covers serverless(as in AWS Lambda) and some other related AWS Technologies, if your stack is hosted in AWS these videos are amazing to share around a team even after implementation.

Two Picks:

Lambda World

For anyone interested in Functional Programming this conference is between the most relevant ones on the subject, they’ve got a conference page for more details regarding future editions.

Here’s a recommendation: Lambda World 2019 - Unconference.

Gunnar Grosch

Top-Level views and Leadership

Singularity University

Used to be at Singularity University Summits which is one of the most extraordinary organizations in the world where technology is being explored in order to push further humanity’s improvements.

Some of my highlights:

Stefan Mischook


As a Lead Dev I found this channel and the stories being told at LeadDev conferences full of insights and golden nuggets.

Nickolas Means airplane stories are a popular highlight:

A couple more of my highlights:

Silicon Real

Silicon Real is the Talk Show dedicated to the People of the London Technology Startup Scene. It seems it has been more than 4 years since Brian has moved on with London Real while the initial Silicon Real show has inspired myself and a whole host of european entrepreneurs to take action and change their careers. The show archive is still available on youtube and is worth considering a listen for developing an entrepreneurial mind to say the least.

I picked four highlights from the show archive, which I highly recommend for anyone involved in the tech scene in Europe:

USI Events

One of my all time favourites:

Dan Martell

Dumb Money

Y Combinator


Web3 Foundation

Talks at Google

This Week In Startups

JavaScript Programming Educators

Kyle Simpson

Kyle is a gifted speaker and a dedicated educator, the channel does not amount to much while he surely would be found on a few preeminent conference panels.

He uses javascript and is an advocate of simplicity. These are three of my favourites from him:

Fun Fun Function

Highly biased by javascript and front-end technologies, the channel is very practical with tons of great content that also cover other parts of the stack and of a programmer’s day to day activity.

Latest advice I am following:

J On The Beach

Another awesome spanish hosted programming conference channel.

A couple of my picks:

Packt Video

General Programming and Algorithms

Khan Academy Computing

Khan Academy does not put out much video content, mostly targeting beginners, their videos are mostly support for courses, but find them as a brief and amazing reminder for algorithms and techniques.


Hacker rank is producing great content targeting engineer recruitment and training.

Some content picks from both sides:


Domain Driven Development

Explore DDD

Eric Evans relating to people that are interested in adopting DDD as guiding principles for architecture:

Alberto Brandolini on convincing organizations and people:


GopherCon UK

The Go Programming Language



One of the few technical relevant channels on the subject of Quantum Computing, at this point in time the video content is less relevant, so listening to the podcast would be my recommended way of consuming the information.

Sabine Hossenfelder

The science professor does not steer away from offering a controversial opinion on the scientific approaches, all the while delivering value by using practical evidence and going deeper into the Physics around the subject at hand. As it happens most of the subjects tackled are also of great exposure to the public these days. The Physics subject that predominates is Quantum Mechanics.

Your Daily Equation

This rather different entry is a playlist comprised of Brian Green’s series for the “World Science Festival” channel, which is as big as a television channel these days. I love this series as Brian Green gives the best analogies for the Physics under discussion in the respective episode. The Physics subject that predominates is “understanding Time”.