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Course Completion - Review - Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs

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My first experience in following Azat Mardan, the author of this course. I discovered him through his blog while I was looking to solve some problems, he goes through the basic stuff and gives the feeling that he can respond clean and short to questions about the material.

  • Main takeaways:

    1. Understanding of async programming and basic understanding of web programming in nodejs
    2. Acquired knowledge of server constructs and basic modules
    3. Illustrations of some of the greatest pitfalls
  • Pro: 1. Enjoyed the examples and the abundance of code near explanations 2. Best part: bonus content 3. Azat does best in writing The course is really well structured with focal points and quizes after important lessons

  • Cons:

    1. the course audience has some not so good questions or participation
    2. too much content direct at beginners in web, some content should be covered in a “web basics course” as it seems disturbing sometimes and it’s clear that Azat does not deliver quality replies on this kind of dumb questions

Overall I appreciate that my skill has improved adding to my knowledge of web and solidifying some general knowledge about web infrastructure. I would recommend this course to anybody, it is definitely more rewarding than watching a tv show.