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Creating a dotfiles installer - My ToDo List

☕️ 1 min read

Suggestions and improvements on current files located at

  1. make installer settings optional
  2. make zsh themes optional
  3. Complete the script that copies necesarry files on subservers
  4. Document user made functions
  5. Config as beeing client
  1. make installer settings optional

    1. move from git submodules to composer(or other alternative like pip)
    2. make vim submodules selectable for install
    3. make git configuration optimal
    4. add check for installing configurations check that tech exists.. vim, zsh, grc, ccze, git, curl, git-flow
    5. Rewrite install script with python or haskell (study integration with capistrano)
  1. make zsh themes optional

    1. powerline
    2. list options to choose from
    3. list oh-my-zsh plugins —installed by default & link to a list with all
  2. Complete the script that copies necessary files on subservers

    1. Add option to clone|check
    2. interactive git config
    3. do you want to confirm each git setting
    4. add option to complete a config file using a template for deploy
    5. verify if .gitconfig exists, generate backup and diff
  3. Document user made functions

    1. Document functions with suggestions and help — move to repo
    2. Create a command that lists available user made functions
    3. Add swiss army knife functions & document them
  4. Config as being client

    1. server vs client (test options for bash users too)
    2. limited rights on cloning… maybe no repo, just files or remove right to push to master directly
    3. deploy on clients with capistrano