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Day Five of Machine Learning in Review

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Resources explored

  • Streaming Project Requests This page is an amazing starting point for ideas on what to tackle next.

  • Up for grabs - repositories in machine learning looking for contributors openly At the time of publishing there are only 3 such repositories "up for grabs":

    • Dive into Machine Learning - quite a big educational resource starting from beginner level
    • EvalAI - part of , has a nice collection of ongoing challenges at the moment. Access to data sets and jury criteria look particularly interesting to me.
    • Shogun - Unified and efficient machine learning library (sorry I haven’t done too much research on this one)
  • Bonsai - AI for Real-World Systems

    The company has received substantial investments lately and looks set to lead the pack in redefining Manufacturing and Energy (and 3 other huge markets). Their blog is quite a source of inspiration.

  • Putting AI in a box at MachineBox - podcast episode on building an ai company

    Their blog is also particularly useful including My 5 favorite practical machine learning use cases The podcast looks like something worth to lend a ear to from time to time.

  • OpenMined - Open Source community with a really cool weekly newsletter, like this one 10 this community is rather advanced people oriented.

    Their slack channel community is really welcoming. Unfortunately the blog only has one post, I say unfortunately because the one post is amazingly useful and well written.