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Exercise your programming skills online

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A quick review of websites in the nurturing your programming skills industry.

I am so grateful there are so many websites where you can grow your programming skills to choose from.

I have seen many employers use codility, but I am more inclined towards using hacker rank, the editor and tests from codility are so tedious and there is no transparency as to what is required from you, you really need to practice with them before, even then you might fell short, as I’ve done a few times.

However the best part in my experience about hacker earth is that you can exercise in any programming language you want. Codewars has some mainstream languages available but there are still some missing. They are inclined to the main stream ones as most of the challenges are made by community. There is high value to that, I must recon, and fun.

Codility, Codewars and HackerRank are just a few where you can train, but you can also advertise your skills. These are extremely helpful for programmers on any level, whether is that you need to do some maintenance on your skill levels, upgrade your skills, or learn a new skill.