Decebal on programming


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Blog Objective

I really wanted to start this blog asap, mainly beacause i plan on starting a blog on programming for a long time but never really got to it.

First of all a short introduction on who I am at the moment of writing this post:

  • I am a romanian, born in Calarasi, currently living in Bucharest. Having that said you may realise that I’m not a native English speaker, so I really don’t mind being spell checked.
  • I changed a lot of jobs in the past years, but for me that was a register for progress. At the present time, my current programmer work involves some freelance tiny projects for friends using PHP/Python and Ext.js and full-time employed by on projects and maintenance using symfony2 PHP Framework.

I wish to write on a blog for monitoring my progress, discussing solutions I applied and more. My plan in this blog’s evolution involves starting 3 series that match my current interests:

  1. Choosing the right IDE by Programming language, tricks and shortcuts. (I plan on showing how the tricks really influence your day-by-day working hours)
  2. Creating your own dotfiles . Why is this important to me and why it could be for you.
  3. Creating an e-shop (I plan on adapting it at a beginner level). I plan on using latest tech on market involving steps on how to choose the techs to use. My first options are using Symfony2, doctrine, dart, Semantic

I plan on adding new features to this blog also, but each one must be worth it.