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Learning new programming languages

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Looking for the new hit or sticking with your known language ?

is this one of the big questions you are looking to get an answer to ?

First and foremost I want to begin with a saying that most programmers overlook: “A programming language is worth learning if it changes your way of thinking”.

With that in mind I want to make some people question they allegiance to a certain programming language. I gather impressions and knowledge from people around me out of curiosity from time to time. I was surprised to hear from some of the programmers I was looking up to, that they don’t really consider any other programming language.

One friend tried to convince me by sharing a experience with one of his bosses, I wise person I reckon, but no way he was near a world class programmer. Maybe he had some people working for him that after they quit working for him, evolved into this great programmers.

In my perspective what makes a programmer better are the experiences and problems he tackles. Learning a new programming language might open new doors, or not, but it certainly challenges you in a different manner.

I was looking at this number of programming languages that are taking the scene bit by bit. They indeed challenge your notions and skills you worked so hard to build. I am recommending even people that are just starting to take a look at some of these: go-lang, haskell, rust. If you are looking for simplicity or just starting out javascript might come in handy with the nodejs server.

This is just an introduction to describing some of my experiences of late. I hope that this might help some of you to get your heads around how to tackle this questions.

Another thing I consider similar is learning new fameworks that are somehow different from what you know of e.g. Codeigniter and Laravel5.

If you are looking for a quick intro or something about this, I found this page from toptal to be amazing.