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Preparing for Mysql 5.6 Developer Certification

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A quick review on what’s out there and what I think you should consider in order to get better prepared for 1Z1–882: MySQL 5.6 Developer.

I have browsed a little for some info on this subject and because the article about zcpe was a success I considered that even though this subject does not have the same exposure it’s worth an article on the subject.

However unlike preparing for zcpe there are no longer straightforward ways to prepare for Mysql Certification, most of the articles out there are about the advanced exam 1Z1–883: MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator, but a developer’s goal should be 1Z1–882: MySQL 5.6 Developer. Here is the official video from Oracle on MySQL 5.6 Developer.

However if you plan on learning with the University guidance you should take note that “Oracle University do not provide a trail of breadcrumbs to everything you must study, they generally contain hints on where you can find the information”.

Let’s start with a little bit of history on the certification exam. I’ve read Todd’s review and Matthew Moriss’s article on obtaining his certification. If you want to understand exactly what you are buying to take the exam you should take a read on this articles as they explain which version is final and why the later versions have a higher quality.

The exam topics are well covered and updated on Patterson Consulting, too.

Mark Schoonover, also a DBA and Mysql Certified Administrator has exposed his preparing experience in a short article . I would highlight some of his advices:

  1. when you run into commands you never used before just go and try them out
  2. do not skip sections in the guide you already know
  3. pace yourself at the exam so that you have 10–15 minutes to review your answers

If you are still confused on whether you should buy a book or not in order to get better prepared take a look at How do I get certified in MySQL 5.6 . I decided that there is no value in buying a guide or a course, but for begginers you should consider “MySQL for Developers” Training as the certification is aligned with the course.

However, Exam Cram: Preparing for the MySQL 5.6 certification exams is the most solid resource in order to get going and boost your preparation for the exam as you get what to study and a valid opinion.

Taking this to the next level I would recommend one to take action and read a few articles and discussions out there about things in MySQL (that won’t work as expected).