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How do I stay updated as a Software Architect

☕️ 3 min read

Staying up to date with technology developments is an important part of a modern software developer’s daily activity as well as one of the defining behaviours for a successful career.

As an engineer I find it exciting to stay in the loop with what my peers are working with or towards. Here is a list of daily newsletters that I am grateful for:


  • PyCoders weekly - python specific, this newsletter is a dose of news across multiple technical verticals related by the python programming language

  • software lead weekly - delivers a short email with inspirational opinions about culture inside software companies

  • GoLang Weekly - a dose of news across multiple technical verticals related by the python programming language, recently devops is quite a theme within goLang communities

  • StatusCode Weekly: "A weekly newsletter covering software development, Web operations, infrastructure, platforms, and performance, from browser down to the metal." Their own description works best.

  • Cron Weekly: News articles with security and DevOps at it’s core. This is so good that I sometimes click through all the links inside the weekly edition.

  • FoundersGrid: A well put together list of stories from different startUps. Short list with a well formed opinion near each link.

  • Maker Mind: Similar with Founders Grid in format, focused on improving brain and practices.

  • Typescript Weekly: This newsletter is short and slim, typescript focused.

  • The Quantum Daily: There are not that many Quantum Computing focused newsletters, this one kept my eye as it has some case studies and book recommendations such as 7 Quantum Computing Books For The Uninitiated.


  • Vue.js News: My favourite front-end framework’s news. The newsletter is not as rich, but is so much better these days with quite a few communities contributing such as nuxt-community.

  • React Status: Love this one for exploring what other cool libraries are out there. React focused, while always comes with a load of cool stories and experiments.

  • Javascript Weekly: Similar to React Status, with additional stories and suggestions from other frameworks such as VueJs or other libraries less front end focused.

  • WebAssembly Weekly: WebAssembly is a promising secure web environment to bring other programming languages out of the backend end (joke). The newsletter is slim for now, while still worthwhile to keep in the mail box.


  • Serverless Status: Serverless is one of the most talked subjects these days, we have picked up at least one new feature each week based on the suggestions in the serverless status weekly.


  • Inside AI: Rob May’s roundup of stories and commentary on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and NeuroTechnology. Rob May is an authority for me regarding companies built with AI at their core.

  • towards data science: Various research and case studies for data science.


  • Humble Bundle: for some reason I always tend to find a bundle that will take me at least a year to go through.

  • Manning - Weekly Newsletter: Manning seems to me to have books always on the edge of programming that are worth keeping around when planning new software products.