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On DevTalks Bucuresti

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I’ve witnessed my first dev conference on Wednesday 11th June. I was excited with some talks and I decided that it won’t hurt to pay them a small tribute.

For anyone who wants to see the full agenda, I hope it will be forever available here.

There were 4 tracks to assist to so I created my own program with what seemed worthy of my time. I also checked for feedback from some of my colleagues that I knew before the conference and were present, also one of my sisters were there following another track as she is only a junior programmer.

My Agenda:

  • 10:00 - 12:00 - general audience introduction and speeches
  • 12:00 - Cloud computing - changing the vendor landscape
  • 12:20 - One bug per month
  • 13:20 - Cloud the hidden parts
  • 14:30 - Your strategy. Tour Cloud. Your choice
  • 15:00 - Competing with Chef
  • 15:30 - StarVault Elastic Cloud
  • 16:00 - Developing the next generation of Cloud applications with bluemix platform
  • 17:00 - HTML5 multilayer game - proof of concept
  • 17:20 - What you need to know about SQL Injection and XSS

I’m really sorry that I missed “Public Cloud Adoption - Impact on Application design” at 18:10, all my fault.

General impression:

I was impressed be the numbers of audience and I really enjoyed the location, I’m not really sure if people think of these services as given, but the attention for people and the view payed off for me. My track was pretty intense with useful information and food for thought. I’m measuring my gains and I know that this conference will help me more in the long run.

I also learned of the trends in IT exposed by Terrence Eden and Cristiano Betta. I am pretty sure that they are already at the nth presentation of the same trends but nonetheless I enjoyed it, that must be because I never thought about watching those trends or documenting about before. I pretty much agree with the importance of Html5 in mobile industry and with the revolution of offline to online commerce flow, but fail to see a clear path on these roads.

Among others I left the conference with a baggage of links and twitter influencers to follow, also with a yammer account with the possibility to connect to the few people that activated their account for the conference.

Here are the links and bagage that I claimed after:

  1. Slides from Csaba Patkos - his presence at the conference was more valuable, i recogn
  2. An insight on Terrence work
  3. A blogger that writes about cloud automation and tools like chef
  4. I learned about what romanian cloud market has to offer. Tools like star-vault which is a service oriented on developers that need quick configuration and control over their cloud, they use jelastic as a cloud configuration interface. Bluemix from IBM is a similar tool, a platform for developers now in beta.
  5. I’ve got some suggestion on multilayer browser games developing: mobile detect and impact are 2 libraries that worth mentioning when choosing your tools.
  6. I found a community driven by security issues that needs to be addressed every time you code.