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Php resque pool

☕️ 1 min read

Resque is a great tool for creating background jobs, but the task of managing the queues and maintaining is not quite as straight forward. There is quite a lot of noise and a nice amount of options when it comes to translations of the resque pool to php language.

Some people might wonder why would anyone translate the tool to another language. I did too, but it is real value in having the majority of tools under the same umbrella. It might seem confy or strange sometimes, but the community adds value around tools like this ussualy.

Task at hand:

  • create a pool of workers on each country
  • be able to handle each pool on the same server
  • modify environment variables before starting the workers
  • listen to queues prefixed with a country identifier

The project php resque pool does not allow half of them, although it is really nice at handling how many workers you can start to listen on each queue. It is also a struggle to find a currently maintained pool, most of them have not had contributions in the past years.