Creating a dotfiles installer - My ToDo List

Suggestions and improvements on current files located at 1. make installer settings optional 2. make zsh themes optional 3. Complete the script that copies necesarry files on subservers 4. Document user made functions 5. Config as beeing client make installer settings optional move from git submodules to composer(or other alternative like pip) make vim submodules selectable for install make git configuration optimal add check for installing configurations check that tech exists. [Read More]

Creating your own dotfiles - First Episode

Customizing the linux console

Choosing between bash and zsh One of these days i had some time on my hand and decided to put all my [dot]files into a git repository. I chose to do that because I wanted to be able do to things the same way in all enviroments that I’m working. So I came across these problems: Choosing between bash and zsh Private aliases and functions vs public Usefull completion files Git aliases and completion Vim config files and bundles Symfony2 Php completion I decided to split the above list into episodes, just because there was plenty of info online and thankfully i got to choosing some goods. [Read More]