Learning new programming languages

Looking for the new hit or sticking with your known language ? is this one of the big questions you are looking to get an answer to ? First and foremost I want to begin with a saying that most programmers overlook: “A programming language is worth learning if it changes your way of thinking”. With that in mind I want to make some people question they allegiance to a certain programming language. [Read More]

Exercise your programming skills online

A quick review of websites in the nurturing your programming skills industry. I am so grateful there are so many websites where you can grow your programming skills to choose from. I have seen many employers use codility, but I am more inclined towards using hacker rank, the editor and tests from codility are so tedious and there is no transparency as to what is required from you, you really need to practice with them before, even then you might fell short, as I’ve done a few times. [Read More]

IoC - Understanding the need for binding interfaces to implementations

I found myself confused by this need of binding the interfaces to an implementation, maybe you have too. I like explaining this kind of things by looking for the root of the problem it solves, as by itself it might not make sense. If you are not familiar with the Inversion of Control container you might want to take a look at topics like this What is Inversion of Control? [Read More]

Sass - css for programmers

If you like long stories you could use a read on this http://alistapart.com/article/getting-started-with-sass . If not, sass is a professional grade css extension language, so let’s get on with it. After reading about the fuss around sass the fears of switching to it may seem as ill grounded. There is no real danger in the command line or setting up a ruby environment, if you have difficulties with that go for help, me and others more experienced or more gifted are happy to help in order make a better internet. [Read More]