Using MariaDb FlexiViews

In the quest to filtering data I ended up looking for a tool that allows me to move a part of a query that needed too many unions in order to achieve simple things that where not thought trough from the beginning. Task at hand: make a step in moving from a faulty database design to a new organized data model don’t affect current query performance reduce the effort in building the query from backend apply conditions like using a field in a joined table for deciding the type of join the query needs keep query maintainable A database view comes usually with the disadvantage of not having indexes like a table does, it depends on the performance of the query builder and most of the time is intended at shadowing sensitive information from possible sql query vulnerabilities. [Read More]

Mysql Certification for developers - first try - first failure

For anyone looking for feedback on Mysql 5.6 Certification exam. As a general impression if you work you queries on a weekly basis you should be safe just by practicing some more of that preparing for it. I must say to begin with I was overwhelmed when reading the table of contents for the Certification Exam by the amount of chapters I thought I have not covered well. Big mistake, most of the questions where from a developer’s daily activity like interpreting results. [Read More]

Preparing for Mysql 5.6 Developer Certification

Prepare the Learning Material

A quick review on what’s out there and what I think you should consider in order to get better prepared for 1Z1-882: MySQL 5.6 Developer. I have browsed a little for some info on this subject and because the article about zcpe was a success I considered that even though this subject does not have the same exposure it’s worth an article on the subject. However unlike preparing for zcpe there are no longer straightforward ways to prepare for Mysql Certification, most of the articles out there are about the advanced exam 1Z1-883: MySQL 5. [Read More]


Blog Objective I really wanted to start this blog asap, mainly beacause i plan on starting a blog on programming for a long time but never really got to it. First of all a short introduction on who I am at the moment of writing this post: - I am a romanian, born in Calarasi, currently living in Bucharest. Having that said you may realise that I’m not a native English speaker, so I really don’t mind being spellchecked. [Read More]