Learning new programming languages

Looking for the new hit or sticking with your known language ? is this one of the big questions you are looking to get an answer to ? First and foremost I want to begin with a saying that most programmers overlook: “A programming language is worth learning if it changes your way of thinking”. With that in mind I want to make some people question they allegiance to a certain programming language. [Read More]

IoC - Understanding the need for binding interfaces to implementations

I found myself confused by this need of binding the interfaces to an implementation, maybe you have too. I like explaining this kind of things by looking for the root of the problem it solves, as by itself it might not make sense. If you are not familiar with the Inversion of Control container you might want to take a look at topics like this What is Inversion of Control? [Read More]

Blog future under consideration

Taken that I suffer from the same “do not post until perfect” or “i don’t have time to finish my post” disease, what most of my fellow programmers with a blog seems to suffer, I’ve taken under consideration to dedicate 15 minutes every day to write something, anything on my blog. No matter what the day reserves I will dedicate 15 minutes to posting on this blog and acquiring some English skills as a side-effect . [Read More]