gRPC as a better alternative to GEARMAN

Using gRPC as a replacement for GEARMAN communication between PHP and Python You might need or want to create a software architecture where everyone is welcome. If there is an open source project that solves a problem of your domain like crunching metrics or storing some metadata somewhere else like analytics, I am sure you are used to just call an API through a simple HTTP call. But when you want to deploy a service of your own, that is at the core of your domain you would definitely want to use something faster as execution, easier to maintain and simple. [Read More]

Using MariaDb FlexiViews

In the quest to filtering data I ended up looking for a tool that allows me to move a part of a query that needed too many unions in order to achieve simple things that where not thought trough from the beginning. Task at hand: make a step in moving from a faulty database design to a new organized data model don’t affect current query performance reduce the effort in building the query from backend apply conditions like using a field in a joined table for deciding the type of join the query needs keep query maintainable A database view comes usually with the disadvantage of not having indexes like a table does, it depends on the performance of the query builder and most of the time is intended at shadowing sensitive information from possible sql query vulnerabilities. [Read More]

Php resque pool

Resque is a great tool for creating background jobs, but the task of managing the queues and maintaining is not quite as straight forward. There is quite a lot of noise and a nice amount of options when it comes to translations of the resque pool to php language. Some people might wonder why would anyone translate the tool to another language. I did too, but it is real value in having the majority of tools under the same umbrella. [Read More]

IoC - Understanding the need for binding interfaces to implementations

I found myself confused by this need of binding the interfaces to an implementation, maybe you have too. I like explaining this kind of things by looking for the root of the problem it solves, as by itself it might not make sense. If you are not familiar with the Inversion of Control container you might want to take a look at topics like this What is Inversion of Control? [Read More]

First impressions after passing zcpe

I wanted to share some of my first experiences and impressions little time after getting certified. I managed to review a lot of my past work experiences and reflect on things that I could have done better. I realized that a programmer would always think that his coding skill is better even in front of his own code after a period of time, I like to say that the time taken between realizing that your code could be rewritten to be more efficient and the time the code was written defines how quickly you can improve, therefore it defines ones potential. [Read More]

How to prepare for Zend PHP Certification 5.5

Are you passionate about programming as I am ? Why do you use php ? is it because your work requires it or the fast paced environment really suits you ? First of all I want to be clear about my option on php, it’s not that I don’t know how to get my work done in ruby on rails or python with django, but I enjoy more that my work sees results than doing something for fun, so that I started exploiting the oportunities that came my way. [Read More]


Blog Objective I really wanted to start this blog asap, mainly beacause i plan on starting a blog on programming for a long time but never really got to it. First of all a short introduction on who I am at the moment of writing this post: - I am a romanian, born in Calarasi, currently living in Bucharest. Having that said you may realise that I’m not a native English speaker, so I really don’t mind being spellchecked. [Read More]