3 Golden Nuggets a Day on Teaching Composition and Programming

Today I have introduced a new section to each of the past ones: My Impressions inspired by Jim Kwik: Speed Reading, Memory, & Superlearning https://youtu.be/t9setjA0AT8?t=13m17s Capture Notes | Creating Notes Creating Notes => Questions that you would have, how would you be able to use it, how it relates to things you already know. Dare to DayDream! Classic Read Resource: https://youtu.be/qGl2XsuZHWY My one golden nugget: teaching can unlock the passion within instead of trying to rewrite everything from scratch while allowing for politics. [Read More]

22 Resources to study Redux Side Effects

In my learning journey, I have a habit of building a list of resources that I am about to study in order to extract something more specific into an ulterior blog article or in implementing a certain software feature. My end goal after going through the following resources is to have result in a blog post explaining what Redux Side Effects are about and how and when they can be used. [Read More]