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Software Architecture Head Spaces

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Software Architecture topics

Building Evolutionary Architectures #evolutionary-architecture

  • fitness functions
  • fitness functions for Serverless architectures
  • monitoring evolution with fitness functions
  • when to use safe deployments ?
  • using bounded contexts inside a Serverless architecture. is it worth further segregating layers ?
  • takeaways form the book: “Building Evolutionary Architectures” from O’reilly, authored by Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons and Patrick Kua

Serverless 2.0 #serverless2.0

  • using with kubeless
  • OpenFaas vs kubeless
  • gitlab integrations (has one with kubeless)
  • monorepo of domain functions
  • polyglot monorepo
  • A Comparison of Serverless Frameworks for Kubernetes: OpenFaas, OpenWhisk, Fission, Kubeless and more

Building Evolutionary Architectures with Serverless 2.0

  • support for monitoring fitness functions out of the box
  • e2e tests inside a CI box

Domain Driven Design Tools for Typescript and Serverless #DDD

GraphQl #graphql

  • generate a graphQl gateway layer to put in place of an existing Rest Api
  • contract testing with GraphQl
  • using graphql for defining Ubiquitous Language
  • use graphql to define domain layers, in particular the graphql schema