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Day 10 of Machine Learning in Review

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  • What Kind Of Data Scientist Do You Want To Be?


    According to this video, there are several data scientist archetypes:

    • The Detective, a master of analysis,
    • The Oracle, a master of modeling,
    • The Maker, a master of engineering, and
    • The Generalist, proficient at everything.

    I liked the fact that they offered insights on the niches of Machine Learning inside a company. Looking forward I was so tempted to set myself the goal of becoming a Generalist without realising how good an Oracle I am.

    I loved the point made about people in the industry that avoid becoming proficient in data mechanics.

  • Coding Challenge #100.2: Neuroevolution Flappy Bird - Part 2


    Loads of fun, knowledge and practical bits. Comes with a plethora of great link, here is what I went thorough briefly:

  • How to Study Machine Learning


    Here is my assessment of my own situation through the steps:

    1. Live a healthy lifestyle. I gave up a gym subscription in February due to an expectation of moving home, but I have already started to pay the price. I can confirm an ever improving healthy lifestyle was at the root of my professional rise so far. For the past 3 months I have been working on my diet. I consider part of it to be a dose of daily reading as it keeps the mind active and I gave up listening to music while working, instead I listed to youtube case studies. I failed to integrate podcasts into my routine so far.
    2. Optimize your learning environment. I cannot wait to swap houses, already overdue due to lender complications. The new house has a dedicated room to study and video recording.
    3. Create a personalized learning path. I plan to use my 15 days of the challenge to put a plan in place. I am an audio learner, but learning ML needs all my senses.
    4. Prioritize I too have todo lists, with the help of airtable I was able to bring all of my lists together. Each morning I make sure to put the most important 3 tasks for the day in my Today list while updating a backlog for the day.
    5. Be an active learner. I love the Fast framework myself, while on more complex tasks like learning a new language I love applying John Sonmez's 10 step method based on the same Fast principles. My method of teaching others at the moment consist in writing blog articles, I am eager to expand it to video recordings. I had a try last summer with Packt Publishing, but my current situation makes it complicated for video recordings.